Here at Brand Power, we tailor business strategies from a multi-disciplinary perspective to develop new services and projects that interface with contempory forms of marketing and communication and mix them with innovative digital marketing techniques.

We're here to help

We are a highly experienced team of successful business developers and communications managers that can deliver innovative, tailor made business strategy and business campaigns. We like to work with your company to develop a clearly defined process, and deliver a custom business strategies that will help generate new clients. We achieve this by building your business profile and your business credibility in your target markets.

What services do we offer?


Business Development

Business Marketing & Development

We have provided business marketing services for a wide range of clients, developing and executing intergrated campaigns as well as one-off projects that draw on our expertise in specific diciplines such as advertising and direct marketing. We also specialise in in-bound marketing, providing clients with a clear methodology for improving marketing.


Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing & Web Design

Delivering successful digital projects of any nature is dependant upon building a clear undertstanding of the target audiences, their needs and buying behaviour. As a creative design business that builds brands that makes the difference, we ensure that everything we do is faithful to the brands that we work with. As well as bringing them to life and building their identity, our design work reinforces their authenticity and personality.


Business Planning & Solutions

Recruitment & Development

Brand Power is a leading supplier in recruitment and development that prides itself on providing a professional, specialist approach coupled with our tried and tested methodology that allows us to meet the needs of our clients and candidates. You will work closely with our team of consultants who have extensive knowledge and experise. Our aim at Brand Power is to attract and retain quality candidates, by providing them with real employment opportunities, exceptional service and training.


Coaching & Mentoring

Mentoring, Training & Advancement

Here at Brand Power we incorporate mentoring research and best practices, interactive activites, opportunities to learn, practice skills and recommended resources. Wherever you are implementing a formal or informal mentoring programme, training your mentors and mentees is highly advisable.

An effective mentoring relationship is one where mentors and mentees both have the core skills and values to back them up. We provide flexible training that suits the needs of your business professionals.

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